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Customer Testimonials for Moore Quality Cars

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Bruce T - 2002 VW Passat

WOW, thats service

I normally wont write anything about stuff like this but after what happened I feel the need. We bought a car from this place and everything went fine until the next weekend on Sunday when I took the car to Costco to get four new snow tires installed only to find out that the tires had a locking key on them and I couldnt find it anywhere or get the tires off at all. I called up the guy who sold it (Dave) and told him what was going on, he told me where to look for it but I still couldnt find it, he said give him a few minutes and he would call back, he wasnt open and on hius day off but went to the placeand got one from another car and called saying he was on his way with it, 30 miles away, on his day off! When he got there he went to the car and found the key right where he told me to look, I felt horrible, he wasn`t upset he thanked me for buying the car and asked if we needed anything else and left, that is the best customer service I have ever had,

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Terri S - 2003 Toyota Tacoma

Best car buying experience ever had

David Moore is my hero! My son was able to purchase his Toyota Tacoma truck (just what he was looking for). This could not have happened without David's help. He really went to bat for my son (us) to get a fantastic rate for financing to make if affordable. Don't be fooled by the size of this dealership, it may be small but it is organized, quality vehicles, trustworthy with a very professional and personable owner. I would buy another vehicle there again and again. Thank you again David from myself and my son for making this happen.

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Steve B - 2006 Ford F-150

good experiance

purchased a ford f150 from david had a great experience no pressure got me where i needed to be with financing in and out

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Stacy B - 2007 GMC Sierra

07 gmc

Bought my truck there a couple of months ago without any issues. Had an unexpected problem with it and the mechanic fixed it right off. Great guys to work with.

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Moore Quality Cars - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At Moore Quality Cars we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

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Jeannie - 1995 Toyota Camry

VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE HERE by Jeannie from Raymond , NH April 13, 2015 David Moore had a 1995 camry wagon for sale--as I was almost 4 hrs away --I asked him to take pictures of the undercarriage-- I actually did not expect that he would want to do that-- stick a camera under the car and click away--and then send me the pictures. There was a lot of people wanting this car--so why would he bother to do this for me?? I was wrong--he actually put the car up on the lift and took some great shots of the undercarriage and wrote me a detailed description of the car's condition-- and his mechanic's take on the car as well. This took time and effort and was very helpful in determining if I wanted to make the 200 plus mile drive. I was impressed. When I got there--the car was waiting for me and ready to go--even running/warming up! It was just as described and there were no surprises. David was very pleasant-- non pressure with his demeanor -- and did not at all fit the shyster used car salesman stereotype. My friend who drove me up there commented as well how he thought David was a good guy and he is far more skeptical with such things. The experience was great and the car performed flawlessly on the 200 mile trip home. I am thrilled! If he wasnt so far --I would buy another car if the opportunity came about from him. Seemed like a very legit and honest business. This does not come easily as I was burned more than once by dealers and I am very wary .I am confident David runs a stand up business.

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